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Recruiting Overseas Skilled Technicians

In my previous article, I discussed how Australia’s significant skill shortages in the automotive trades evolved. In this article, I will discuss the implications of skills shortages for the industry and a solution to address those skills shortages. Typical responses...

Speed V Quality

I am constantly being asked to coach tradesmen on this ever present issue. Employer: Tradesman is not working quickly enough, therefore costing me money. Me: How long has he been working for you? Employer: 3 maybe 4 weeks? Me: Does he know that you would like him to...

Why are there skills shortages in the Motor Trades?

The Motor Trades Association of Australia in August 2017 released a report indicating that Australia had significant shortages of motor mechanics (over 16,500), diesel mechanics (over 2,500), plant mechanics, panel beaters…Many dealers must be wondering how did we get...

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Australian Recruitment

We work with international partners located in The United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, The Philippines, The United States of America and Korea to recruit workers and specialists to Australia.