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Australian Recruitment

In Work International is an Australian based agency specialising in recruitment in Australia with business partners based in the United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, The Philippines, The United States of America and Korea. All partners assist in finding jobs in Australia for foreigners and together create an international network of opportunities for businesses looking for skilled employees. It also provides opportunities for skilled people looking for “greener pastures”.


In Work International is an Australian based agency led by Ralph Hunter with decades of International Recruitment Experience.


How we secure the best outcomes for both employers and employees and why we are leaders in international recruitment.


The “right fit” is an important part in the placement process. In Work International believes Australia will provide you with a real “sense of belonging”.


IWI has placed more skilled workers than any other recruitment company invested in placing skilled migrants.


Our partners allow you access to the best of the best. Grow your workforce today with the right people.


The United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, The Philippines, The United States of America and Korea. 



Your next hire will stay with your company and continue to grow and bring you continued value.

How We Work Our Mission & Values

In Work International trades globally in skilled people and was formed by the founding and Managing Director of In Work, Ralph Hunter, who identified a number of critical needs in the employment and training industry that were not being met by Government agencies.

After many years of enduring the continuing problem of finding and keeping suitable tradesman for our company I finally called Ralph Hunter from In Work International. As it turns out, this was one of the best calls I have made in the last 4 years as I now have 6 Philipino tradesmen working for The Bump Shop. These tradesmen are happily coming to work on time every day and I no longer wake up every day wondering ‘who is not going to turn up for work today’.

Paul Jennings 
Manager/Director The Bump Shop

"The NGP Group in Melbourne represents some of the world’s leading automotive brands: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Holden, Nissan and Renault. In Work International have recruited over 30 technicians for the NGP Group in Melbourne and their delivery of qualified, skilled technicians to our service workshops and their high levels of support throughout the process has been instrumental in the group achieving our business objectives."

Matt Britten – Group Human Resources Manager

NGP Group – Melbourne

"I have had the opportunity to work with a few skilled Immigration Visa specialists who work closely with skilled tradespeople abroad and assist bringing them into our Country, Very Few, however, are as accommodating and do what they say they will every time through such a complicated process. Bringing in Skilled specialist technicians pinpointed to specific requirements and skillset levels can be very daunting, Ralph and the Team at Inwork International really take out all the complexities and make the process seamless, I cannot express enough… if you are searching for a skilled tradesperson for your business and are having difficulty finding the best person for you, call Ralph – He will get the hard work done while you can go about running your business."

Nick Karas

Five Dock Volkswagen and Leichhardt Volkswagen


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We work with international partners located in The United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, The Philippines, The United States of America and Korea to recruit workers and specialists to Australia.