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*For applicants, “With Previous Offshore Experience”, all documents listed below should be uploaded prior to application acceptance.

Picture – waist and up (wear your service uniform or a buttoned-up collared shirt) – clean look and white background

Copy of your current visa certification – if available

Exit Clearances (from all countries you have worked in) – applicable for applicants with overseas experience

Police Clearances (from all countries you have worked in) – applicable for applicants with overseas experience

Driver’s License (front and back)  


Statement of service from employer (end of service certificates from all previous employers – if not available, please commence arrangements to collect these)

Copy of your resignation letter (accepted by your employer if available)

Education and training qualifications (Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma or Vocational course and High School – include the date and month of the school years attended, name of school and location)

Service Letters and/or pay slips from all your work experience:

Most recent – last months’ pay slip; and

Previous 3-4 years: 4 payslips with at least one from each quarter

Copy of your current contract

Certificate of employment from all your work experience

All awards received (certification, plaque, etc. – photograph)

All your training or seminar certificates (if you also have online training, please provide: Website, Username, and Password. Kindly provide the screenshot of your completed online courses for brand or dealership training)

Updated resume (include a description of the scan and diagnostic tools used by each employer and all the brands as well as the models of the cars/trucks/other vehicles you worked on)

Copy of your English Language Certification (IELTS or PTE) – if available

Copy of your VETASSESS result or any Trade Recognition Assessment Result – Application for Australia

Country specific documentation required (e.g., “No Objection Certificate” or N.O.C. – applicants from Middle East)

If you have loans, training obligations or some other form of limitation placed on you by your current employer, please advise the nature and amount of those loans, obligations and limitations.

Under Australian migration law it is illegal for an Australian recruitment agency to charge a candidate a recruitment fee to work in Australia.  It is also illegal to require a candidate to pay for the fees that are charged to the employer.

We require the Australian employers to pay for the visa application fee (for you), the employer nomination fee, the registered migration agents professional fees, the recruitment fees, the Australian Government training levy and the airfares to the city where the job is located in Australia.  These costs approximately AUD$20,000.

You will be required to pay for your Trade Recognition Australia (Australian Trade Skill Assessment), police clearances, English language assessments (and any associated training that may be required), and your medical.

Once you have commenced worked in Australia, your employer may agree to your family joining you.  While the employer is required to provide a letter of support, any fees for the visa applications, medical and airfares are your private responsibility.

Depending on the legal framework in your country of origin, the agency that facilitates your new job, may be permitted charge up to one month’s salary for their administrative expenses.

Your minimum salary will be AUD$53,900 (almost AUD$4,500 per month), depending upon the location, experience, level and brand, however you may be offered more than this amount. You should note that the working week is 38 hours and may notbe 47-48 hours which you may be used to when working in other countries.

Depending on the volume of work you may also be required to work overtime during the week and on weekends.  You will be paid an additional 150 per cent of salary for overtime worked Monday to Friday and also for the first three hours worked on a Saturday. On Sunday, you will be paid 200 per cent of salary hours in excess.

Many employers also pay productivity bonuses for mechanics who are able to work faster and more efficiently than the times that are set by the manufacturer.   

The Australian employer is also required to pay an additional 9.5 per cent of your salary into a superannuation or pension plan. The superannuation contribution by the employer is worth at least an additional AUD$5,120 per year.  These contributions are invested into an account which attracts interest.

In recognition of the high commencing salary, jobs in Australia do not normally include housing (except maybe in remote locations), food or transport allowances.

Salary and benefits may vary depending on the job site location, qualification, and your position held

Please click the link below to see available job locations:

Some countries strictly prohibit direct hiring and your employer and the recruitment agency needs to be accredited by government agency.  The government agency also normally regulates and registers all their people that leave the country to work overseas.  This is important for the government to stop human trafficking and to ensure the welfare and protection of their people.  

In the case of the Philippines, this role is undertaken by the Philippines Overseas Employment Agency (i.e., the POEA)

Many other governments only regulate the operations of their recruitment agencies to ensure that they comply with their laws and that their people are protected.

By registering with an approved recruitment agency, you will have confidence that they are required to ensure that your rights are protected.  Many candidates have sought to apply direct to employers and have found out too late that they are being illegally charged fees, or are being misled about the jobs and salaries that are available.

Recruitment Team will be in constant communication with you all throughout the process.

It is important that you keep your resume always up to date.

There are many significant events that can improve your resume and your ability to obtain employment, including whether you are married, training courses that you completed, achieving English language results higher than IELTS 5, changing employers, returning from overseas back to your home country.

If your resume has any gaps in employment, it is essential that there are explanations for the gaps (e.g., 12 month gap unaccounted for: Resigned due to company bankruptcy; worked as freelance mechanic for 10 months).

It is important that you obtain copies of all the automotive training certificates that you have completed.

Once we have finalized your CV and are sending it to dealership employers with vacancies, it is important that you keep us informed to ensure that your CV is always up to date.

If your wife wishes to join you in Australia, she may do so as an addition to your existing work visa.

While on this visa your wife also has full work rights in Australia. Obviously, important factors in her ability to obtain a job will include her professional qualifications and work experience and her level of English language skills.  The job market in your local area and whether there is high levels of unemployment or skills shortage in her field of work will also influence her ability to obtain a position.