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What We Do & How We Got Here

Dominating the industry that we work in gives In Work International the cutting edge when it comes to skilled work placement world wide. Politics, social environments and natural disasters all influence where people live, work and play. Nothing has a bigger impact than personal tolerance. “The grass is Greener in Australia”.  The Managing Director, Ralph Hunter recognised the need for people to move for their employment and identified the opportunity for people to move right across the globe.

In Work International trades globally in skilled people and was formed by the founding and Managing Director of In Work, Ralph Hunter. In Work was established when Ralph Hunter identified a number of critical needs in the employment and training industry that were not being met by Government agencies. Commencing in 1997, In Work has been actively involved in servicing these needs to help individuals sustain long term employment.


A professional Employment Brokering Company

In Work International prides itself on the ability to change. Without constant change we would not survive in an ever changing world.

In Work is well known as a Company with a very high reputation of professionalism, which has been a keystone for success in this industry over many years.

Mirroring these same values of In Work, the primary purpose of In Work International is to provide a brokering service working with candidates and employers. In Work International facilitates the professional connection of these two important stakeholders. Although we work across many industries globally, In Work International specialises in industries such as Automotive, Agricultural Machinery, Hospitality and Aviation. We recognise the human impact of moving between countries and the importance of a smooth placement. In Work International staff are highly trained with many years of experience working in all aspects of these transitions, both within Australia and internationally.