Grateful Journey: A Heartfelt Thank You to In Work International Agency

Hi Guys I’m Mahamed from Sri Lanka and currently employed in Queensland. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the In Work International team, Mr. Tony, Ms. Maybel, Ms. Susan, Mr. Gorkem, Ms. Aiza, Ms. Krissy, Ms. Trish who assisted and guided me throughout the process in particular I would like to thank Ms, Erin and Mr, Adrian, who occasionally stay up all night to assist me through my process and are still providing guidance. Once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH In Work International Agency.

In Work International

In Work International

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About Inwork International

In Work International trades globally in skilled people and was formed by the founding and Managing Director of In Work, Ralph Hunter. In Work was established when Ralph Hunter identified a number of critical needs in the employment and training industry that were not being met by Government agencies. Commencing in 1997, In Work has been actively involved in servicing these needs to help individuals sustain long term employment.

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