Queenslanders avoid hailstorms as no Panel Beaters to fix cars.

Severe storms are causing motorists to stay at home due to longer waiting times to repair cars.

As skill shortages continue to grow across Australia motorists are taking more precautions to avoid storm and hail damage to their cars.

The Smash Repair industry is in the grip of a nation wide shortage of Panel Beaters and Spray Painters as a result of schools refusing to introduce young people to this ongoing and lucrative trade.

While schools persist in introducing students to construction trades such as woodworking and metalworking, the Smash Repair industry has all but tried up for local talent.

Employers are turning to 457 Visa holders to fill the gaps in their businesses to be able to overcome the shortfall and keep their doors open. This situation is a short term solution to a very long term problem as the speed at which the shortages are growing far exceed Australia’s ability to import workers.

In a country that runs on wheels it is devastating to see second, third and sometimes fourth generation businesses having to close their doors due to not being able to find local talent. In most cases, these businesses are experiencing a growth in their work expectation that cannot be met with current staffing resources.

We need the educational institutions and parents working together with business and industry to recognize exactly what is going on in our own business communities and encouraging young people to take up these trades.

The Smash Repair industry offers long term, well paid jobs giving security for workers and their families.

How does your job security compare to this?

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In Work International trades globally in skilled people and was formed by the founding and Managing Director of In Work, Ralph Hunter. In Work was established when Ralph Hunter identified a number of critical needs in the employment and training industry that were not being met by Government agencies. Commencing in 1997, In Work has been actively involved in servicing these needs to help individuals sustain long term employment.

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