Future Proof your Business

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Why are we stuck in a time warp when it comes to hiring?

Yes, I do remember a time when you could place an advertisement in a newspaper if an employee left or was dismissed from your company. Within a couple of days you would be flooded with job applications and from there it was easy. Just go through the replies and pick out the three you would want to interview and then select the best one. Simple! Oh wow, wouldn’t it be great to bring back that good old system. But we can’t do that any more for many reasons, the most Continue Reading...

Just Tell it Like It Is

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Job interviews can be a harrowing enough experience without the self imposed burden of trying to cover up a bad previous job situation without really lying.

It is a well known fact that people will lie in a job interview when the truth would have served them better. Nine times out of ten the person interviewing will ‘smell a rat’ when you start your well rehearsed cover story but will say nothing at the time.

Why do we do this?

Employers are human too, and often relate to your past employment difficulties better than you think and this may just go in your Continue Reading...

The Lost Generation

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Never before in Australian history have our young people been so confused. “I have done my study and completed my degree, so why won’t anyone give me a job?” I hear the same story all the time and it saddens me every time I hear it. “Nobody told me I wouldn’t be able to find employment when I finished my course!” No wonder we are desperately short of skilled tradespeople. Young people leaving school are hoodwinked into believing that the higher the education level, the greater chance of a job. WRONG! Since when do the educational institutions dictate what is needed in business & commerce in Continue Reading...


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Here we are in a world with extreme skill shortages in an international skills race where skills and experience carries a high price tag and we are literally watching the best tradesmen and professionals in the world walk off into the retirement sunset.

We aren’t even trying to harness this critical resource to help train the younger more inexperienced workers.

I am constantly amazed at how management waves goodbye to someone who has been the backbone of their business for decades and then complain that the ‘greener’ professionals have not got the where-with-all to do the job.

These ‘Baby Boomer’ professionals are mostly Continue Reading...

4 Essentials of Life

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In order for a person to survive anywhere on earth they must have three essential commodities: food, water and shelter.

These are the basics for sustaining life.

In order for a job seeker to survive an increasingly demanding Australian workforce and sustain employment, there is one more essential – a driver’s licence.

For those not familiar with the Australian environment we are a nation that is not clustered in high density in a small confined area, but generally speaking, spread like vegemite – thinly over a wide area. This is because we have lots of available space. However, it comes at a price Continue Reading...


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Tradies to Become First Class Graduates from Secondary Education

“They are dirty, sometimes smelly and quite often very noisy”.

Believe it or not this was a comment from someone during a street-side interview on television recently!

For far too long society has held the view that anyone who graduates from high school and becomes a tradesman is regarded as a second class outcome and therefore they (including the author) are second class citizens.

Yes, you guessed it, the first class outcomes are those who graduate from high school and go to university. After all isn’t that what going to Year 12 is all about?

Somewhere Continue Reading...

Queenslanders avoid hailstorms as no Panel Beaters to fix cars.

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Severe storms are causing motorists to stay at home due to longer waiting times to repair cars.

As skill shortages continue to grow across Australia motorists are taking more precautions to avoid storm and hail damage to their cars.

The Smash Repair industry is in the grip of a nation wide shortage of Panel Beaters and Spray Painters as a result of schools refusing to introduce young people to this ongoing and lucrative trade.

While schools persist in introducing students to construction trades such as woodworking and metalworking, the Smash Repair industry has all but tried up for local talent.

Employers are turning to Continue Reading...

Australia Needs Skilled Workers Fast

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Free Trade Agreements benefit Australian Business

While the rest of the world is fighting over what went wrong economically, Australia has wasted no time in planning for its future. The recently acquired Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Japan and China are testimony to this.

The newly elected Liberal/Coalition Government has secured new trade relations with its Asian trading partners. Our Government’s newest Free Trade Agreement, confirmed on Monday 17th November 2014, is with our biggest trading partner, China.

As the balance of economic power shifts to the Asia Pacific region, Australia is set to become the ‘food bowl’ for Asia. These Free Trade Continue Reading...