The person or their skill – which one are you prioritising?

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We become so accustomed to looking for the skills and experience that often we don’t see the person. This is a very common dilemma for the hirer at every level and a very tough choice to make. Ultimately in ninety percent of cases the skills will triumph over the person debate.

It must be remembered that in all situations it will be the person that is being employed first because they become the baseline for your operation. Up-skilling or re-skilling can be achieved relatively easily with an eager worker however personality changes with a worker that is not popular is impossible and can Continue Reading...

Recruiting Overseas Skilled Technicians

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In my previous article, I discussed how Australia’s significant skill shortages in the automotive trades evolved. In this article, I will discuss the implications of skills shortages for the industry and a solution to address those skills shortages.

Typical responses by most employers to a vacancy is to advertise in the hope of attracting a skilled worker.

The challenge is that when there are skills shortages there is only a limited number of skilled workers available in the ‘skills pool’. In the case of motor mechanics the Australian Government has estimated that the size of the skills pool is just over 101,000. Continue Reading...

Speed V Quality

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I am constantly being asked to coach tradesmen on this ever present issue.

Employer: Tradesman is not working quickly enough, therefore costing me money. Me: How long has he been working for you? Employer: 3 maybe 4 weeks? Me: Does he know that you would like him to work faster? Employer: Yes, I have told him on several occasions. Me: Have you set him time frames for work to be finished? Employer: No, but I shouldn’t need to. He is a tradesman and should know this. That is why I pay him a trademan’s wage.

This is such a common complaint that it really defies logic. Tradesmen are Continue Reading...

Why are there skills shortages in the Motor Trades?

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The Motor Trades Association of Australia in August 2017 released a report indicating that Australia had significant shortages of motor mechanics (over 16,500), diesel mechanics (over 2,500), plant mechanics, panel beaters…Many dealers must be wondering how did we get into this situation? Why are there so many unfilled vacancies for the motor trades?? Unfortunately, there is no one answer and it is a little complex. Basically, the reasons we have skills shortages in the motor trades in Australia are due to: • Lack of interest by young people in the motor trades (social media tends to dazzle them with more interesting roles!); • Continue Reading...

Procrastination, the Enemy of Progress

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Why do we wait to be sure about appointing a new staff member even when we know we have to?

How much assurance do we need? Everyone who has ever had to hire staff has been burnt at some time, when things have gone wrong. This story is as old as business itself. What we do know is that if we don’t hire staff, we effectively don’t have a business. This in turn stunts growth and stifles business progress.

This lack of confidence to confirm a new appointment is all about failure and is a deeply personal issue. Is this you? If you Continue Reading...


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I am regularly contacted by business clients who are frustrated with their employees who refuse to talk to them and cannot follow instructions.

When asked about a recent conversation with a particular employee, one client described how the employee had not understood a set of instructions that had been given and as a consequence had not completed a task correctly.

When I then questioned the employee about this particular instruction I received an entirely different comprehension of what was said.

With a proper understanding of exactly what communication means, these dilemmas can be avoided completely.

Communication has two main components: Language and Culture. One Continue Reading...

Future Proof your Business

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Why are we stuck in a time warp when it comes to hiring?

Yes, I do remember a time when you could place an advertisement in a newspaper if an employee left or was dismissed from your company. Within a couple of days you would be flooded with job applications and from there it was easy. Just go through the replies and pick out the three you would want to interview and then select the best one. Simple! Oh wow, wouldn’t it be great to bring back that good old system. But we can’t do that any more for many reasons, the most Continue Reading...

Just Tell it Like It Is

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Job interviews can be a harrowing enough experience without the self imposed burden of trying to cover up a bad previous job situation without really lying.

It is a well known fact that people will lie in a job interview when the truth would have served them better. Nine times out of ten the person interviewing will ‘smell a rat’ when you start your well rehearsed cover story but will say nothing at the time.

Why do we do this?

Employers are human too, and often relate to your past employment difficulties better than you think and this may just go in your Continue Reading...

The Lost Generation

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Never before in Australian history have our young people been so confused. “I have done my study and completed my degree, so why won’t anyone give me a job?” I hear the same story all the time and it saddens me every time I hear it. “Nobody told me I wouldn’t be able to find employment when I finished my course!” No wonder we are desperately short of skilled tradespeople. Young people leaving school are hoodwinked into believing that the higher the education level, the greater chance of a job. WRONG! Since when do the educational institutions dictate what is needed in business & commerce in Continue Reading...


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Here we are in a world with extreme skill shortages in an international skills race where skills and experience carries a high price tag and we are literally watching the best tradesmen and professionals in the world walk off into the retirement sunset.

We aren’t even trying to harness this critical resource to help train the younger more inexperienced workers.

I am constantly amazed at how management waves goodbye to someone who has been the backbone of their business for decades and then complain that the ‘greener’ professionals have not got the where-with-all to do the job.

These ‘Baby Boomer’ professionals are mostly Continue Reading...