Why are we stuck in a time warp when it comes to hiring?

Yes, I do remember a time when you could place an advertisement in a newspaper if an employee left or was dismissed from your company. Within a couple of days you would be flooded with job applications and from there it was easy.
Just go through the replies and pick out the three you would want to interview and then select the best one. Simple!
Oh wow, wouldn’t it be great to bring back that good old system. But we can’t do that any more for many reasons, the most important being we simply do not have enough skilled Aussies to fill all the jobs. Right now our economy is growing faster than we can produce Aussies in the job market, now and in the future.
This means we need to think and plan ahead for our workforce. We now have to plan for people leaving our businesses well ahead of them actually going, as well as having resources in place to fill these positions quickly.

Time to start thinking outside the box. Plan ahead, don’t get caught.

Author: Ralph Hunter