Job interviews can be a harrowing enough experience without the self imposed burden of trying to cover up a bad previous job situation without really lying.

It is a well known fact that people will lie in a job interview when the truth would have served them better. Nine times out of ten the person interviewing will ‘smell a rat’ when you start your well rehearsed cover story but will say nothing at the time.

Why do we do this?

Employers are human too, and often relate to your past employment difficulties better than you think and this may just go in your favour.
In any case it is better to have ‘told it like it is’ and get accepted on your merits than be rejected and never know whether your ‘story’ was really acceptable.

Believe me, I have heard all the ‘stories’ and none of them end well.

Don’t cheat yourself out of a job, ‘just tell it like it is’.

Author: Ralph Hunter