I am constantly being asked to coach tradesmen on this ever present issue.

Employer: Tradesman is not working quickly enough, therefore costing me money.
Me: How long has he been working for you?
Employer: 3 maybe 4 weeks?
Me: Does he know that you would like him to work faster?
Employer: Yes, I have told him on several occasions.
Me: Have you set him time frames for work to be finished?
Employer: No, but I shouldn’t need to. He is a tradesman and should know this. That is why I pay him a trademan’s wage.

This is such a common complaint that it really defies logic. Tradesmen are paid to produce a quality finish in a certain time frame. They are definitely not mind readers and unless they are given a specific deadline to work to they will not have any idea what the employer wants.

To add to this, every employer has different expectations and unless the employer explains their own criteria, it is left to the tradesman to use previous experience to determine this.

This is such an easy problem to fix!

Reprogram your tradesman to deliver to your criteria.

If this is your situation, contact me and I am happy to share a simple 3 step strategy.
A quick job will never replace a good one, but you can achieve both!

Ralph Hunter