We become so accustomed to looking for the skills and experience that often we don’t see the person. This is a very common dilemma for the hirer at every level and a very tough choice to make.
Ultimately in ninety percent of cases the skills will triumph over the person debate.

It must be remembered that in all situations it will be the person that is being employed first because they become the baseline for your operation.
Up-skilling or re-skilling can be achieved relatively easily with an eager worker however personality changes with a worker that is not popular is impossible and can lead to lots of problems that affect everyone.

Whatever your style of selection of new staff, maybe consider the longest term staff member that you currently employ and analyse why they’re still working for you.
It’s not rocket science. What you see is what you get. If you can’t work with someone neither can your staff.

Dig a little deeper with each candidate and take the time to work out what makes them tick. Then make your selection.

Ralph Hunter